Philippines: SRA prepares for possible hike in sugar exports to US

The Sugar Regulatory Administration is preparing for a possible increase in Philippine sugar exports to the United States.

SRA administrator Anna Paner said the Philippines could be tapped for additional shipments if US-Mexico relations do not improve under the Trump administration.

Mexico is a major supplier of sugar to the US, benefiting from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that President Donald Trump wants to renegotiate.

The possibility of increased sugar exports to the US comes as the SRA has decided to cut the US allocation – also known as the “A” volume – to 6 percent from 8 percent of total domestic production.

Sugar Order 1-a issued last week states that the local market remains the priority. The 94 percent allotted for this “B” volume  aims to provide a comfortable end-of-season buffer to keep prices and supply stable.

In a statement, Anna Rosario Paner, SRA Administrator, said: “We have to watch how US and Mexico relations will be. Mexico wants to export more but I think US is non-committal. So if the US doesn’t allocate any quota to Mexico then other sugar-producing countries like the Phils may be considered for additional allocation.”


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