Petrobras plans to buy plant Catende

Petrobras Biofuel wants to buy Catende Plant in the long term. The statement was made by the president of the Association of Sugarcane Suppliers of Pernambuco (LACP), Alexandre Andrade.

In addition to this proposal, measures to support workers in the unit were set on Tuesday (26), in Recife, during a meeting between the governor of Pernambuco, Eduardo Campos and the chief minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency , Gilberto Carvalho. Parliamentarians, representatives of workers and sugarcane suppliers also attended the meeting.

The next stage of the feasibility of acquiring Catende will be examined with the president of Petrobras, Miguel Rossetto, along with representatives of the State and the Presidency.

Andrade says that in the case giving effect to the proposal, the problems of economic sustainability of the unit will begin to be resolved and will be very important to increase the production of sugarcane in Pernambuco and the Northeast.

He said the Northeast currently imports ethanol from the center-south of the country to add the composition of diesel and gasoline. “However, this situation may change, because the government initiative, which could make Catende an ethanol producer of Petrobras Biofuel, will have a direct influence on alcohol production and increase consequentimente in the sugar plantations of Pernambuco and the Northeast,” he says.

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