Petrobras and Sao Martinho will produce ethanol from sorghum

Brazil -A Nova Fronteira Bioenergia, a joint venture between Sao Martinho sugar and alcohol group and Petrobras Biofuel, started the planting of sorghum for ethanol production in Goias “The goal is to complement the production of ethanol from sugar cane and raising the period of annual harvest in about 45 days, “says the director of Operation Nova Fronteira

He said ethanol production from sorghum will be carried out during the offseason of cane sugar, not competing with the area planted with sugarcane. “We offer more ethanol during the same season, with the product made from sorghum and sugarcane,” he says. It is predicted that in three years, the supply of ethanol from sorghum reaches 28 million gallons per season, with the planting of an area around 7 000 hectares. The production of the 2011/2012 season is beginning, at the experimental stage, next week.

Usina Boa Vista, part of Nova Fronteira, located in Quirinópolis, Goiás, and the base of the joint venture between Sao Martinho and Petrobras Biofuel, is undergoing expansion of its area planted with cane sugar.


The planting will be done between November and December and harvest will be held in March, before the start of harvesting the sugar cane.

The whole process of producing ethanol from sorghum uses technology similar to fuel production from sugar cane. The variety of sorghum to be used in ethanol production by Petrobras and Sao Martinho is the saccharine. This variety can also be used for sugar production.

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