Peru: Prices of sugar can rise

Peru: – If the current price of sugar is already too expensive, hold on to your pockets because soon the value of this staple could again suffer a further increase.

Grocery stores are already feeling the effects of the stoppage of work inAgroindustrias San Jacinto, and have begun to be out of the product.

According to grocery traders in various positions in Chimbote, San Jacinto brown sugar has not come to their stores for nearly 20 days, which had to be supplied with the product offering Cartavio (also the Gloria Group).

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Province of Santa, Alberto Velasquez Cordova, said that as a result of the strike by workers of Agro San Jacinto, the distribution of its product has been stagnant, so Gloria Group would be losing about 1 million soles to date. “The economic loss in San Jacinto is large not only for the company but also for the people of the area, as this activity moves almost all the economies in the industry.”

Córdova Velásquez also warned that the sugar company is at risk of losing a large number of customers.

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