Parliament shall decree the limit for biofuels in Europe


The European Parliament will vote in Strasbourg, France, today the 11th of September on the limits proposed on the use of biofuels in Europe. The Environment Committee vote to limit the use of biofuels to 5.5% while the industry committee votes on a limit of 6.5%.

In 2008, the European Union has set a target of 10% in the use of biofuels in transport by 2020, for the European countries involved. Subsequent studies have warned of the potential environmental damage caused by some biofuels, especially biodiesel, representing more than two-thirds of the estimated 13 billion euros of EU biofuels industry.

Biofuels were also blamed by the IMF and other groups, to contribute to an increase in food prices, which recent studies in the Netherlands put in check.

It is expected that a final decision will come before the European Parliament elections in May.

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