Nordzucker to commence production of organic sugar beet

In response to demand for organic sugar, Nordzucker has taken steps to conclude contracts for the first organic sugar beet in 2017, and to market the first volumes of organic beet sugar in 2018. Germany and Denmark are identified by the company as the best locations for cultivating organic beet.

The offer made by Nordzucker to growers has thus far been extremely well received. The company is currently outlining the terms in detail to interested farmers in Germany and Denmark. Interested farmers are particularly keen on the flexibility and long-term prospects offered by Nordzucker on the basis of one- and multi-year agreements. Nordzucker will organize and pay for the loading, cleaning and transport of the beet.

Dr Lars Gorissen, Chief Agricultural Officer, is confident that substantial volumes will soon be achieved: “Organic beet cultivation is an attractive option when compared directly with competing crops. The overall package offered by Nordzucker pays due regard to the additional expenditure associated with organic cultivation, and the multi-year agreements offer longterm prospects beyond 2017.”

The growing of organic beet is governed by strict conditions – from sowing only organically propagated, untreated seeds through to mechanical weed control.

International Sugar Journal

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