Nicaragua produces more sugar than ever

The increase in agricultural productivity achieved during the 2011-2012 harvest, which is nearing completion, will ensure the production of more than 13 million quintals of sugar in Nicaragua.

This , together with local consumption, allow exports of sugar, molasses and alcohol, by order of U$ 240 million, despite the fall in sugar prices in the international market.

In this harvest that began in November and is scheduled to conclude on 4 May, the great weather effects increased productivity in the cane fields, achieving average yields of 75 tons per acre.

In the previous harvest the average did not exceed 62 tons per acre, said Mario Amador, general manager of the National Committee of Sugar Producers (CNPA).

But while the yield of agricultural productivity is increased, the industrial yield decreased as a result of mechanization.

According Amador, this is due to environmental regulations restricting the burning required by manual cutting. 65 percent of sown areas are now cut by machine.

“Before the plantations were burned and there were burning leaves and garbage. It was only the stick of cane. Now it´s cut green and the machine takes the leaves and debris. This takes more tons of product, but there is less sugar , because the trash is separated at the plant, “said Amador.

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