Nicaragua mill invests in cogeneration

Montelimar mill, from Nicaragua, is finishing building an cogeneration plant and intends to double its production of sugar in the next five years.

O representante da usina Montelimar Álvaro Avilées
Álvaro Avilées

In a interview to JornalCana, the company representative, Alvaro Avilées, said that in the last two years Montelimar  invested 38 million dollars in the building of a cogeneration plant with  capacity to produce 38 MW per day. Operations are expected to star in December 2015 and the expansion of business has the clear goal of converting the plant into a global player. “That was the biggest investment ever made by the company so far,” he said.

For the first time in Brazil, the representative who came to Fenasucro by an initiative of APLA (Local Productive Arrangement Alcohol), is looking for machinery and agricultural implements. Due to the plans of doubling the plant’s sugar output  the next five years, thereby also increasing cogeneration.

Currently the plant produces approximately 1 million quintals of sugar per harvest, and its crushing capacity is 5 thousand tons of sugarcane per day (in the last harvest ther was a crushing record of 700,000 tons of sugarcane). For now there are no plans to produce ethanol, as the legislation does not provide for the use of alcohol as biofuel in the country, and its use is only for the food industry.

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