New sugarcane plant project in Bolivia is delayed


The project of implementation of new sugarcane mill in the community called El Nueve, in the city of Bermejo, in Mogro Santos, Bolivia, will have to wait a little longer.

The future plant, which is waiting for funds from Solidarity Program Comunal (Prosol), is having delays in the money transfer. The information was released by the Territorial Base Organization (OTB) of El Nueve community.

The delay in the transfer of financial resources for the implementation of sugarcane unit is due to the unavailability of Prosol. With this, the project was transferred to the subgoverno, Bolivian government agency that will evaluate a solution for the transfer.

According tho the project, the new sugarcane plant  is designed to crush 500 metric tons of raw materials daily,  in planted area of over a thousand hectares.

Bolivia: new plant will produce 160,000 tons of sugar in 2016

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