New sugarcane plant of Bolivia will start commercial harvest in August



The information is from the general manager of sugarcane from San Buenaventura plant, Ramiro Elizondo: the sugarcane company, located in Iturralde province of La Paz, is preparing to launch its first commercial harvest in August.

The sugarcane plant San Buenaventura, which is controlled by the Bolivian government, has 97% of  the buildings complete.

The implementation of the sugarcane unit should be 100% ready in August, at which time the plant will be able to market their products on the market.

According to official information, the Bolivian state has invested US $ 174 million in the construction of the sugarcane plant, which will have capacity to process 7000 tons of sugarcane per day.

The unit also has capacity to make 100,000 liters of ethanol and will offer 1,650 tons of hydrolyzed bagasse, intended for animal feed and organic fertilizer.

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