New sugarcane cane plant begins production tests in Bolivia



The sugar industrial plant San Buenaventura, located in the cityof the same name, in Bolivia, has started production tests this month.

Controlled by the Government, the sugarcane plant  should start processing sugar later this month, according to the report of the office of the Federal Government of Bolivia.

The start of production was announced for July this year, but the Chinese China CAMC Engineering (CAMCE), responsible for the equipment implantation, should complete its work by the 30th of October, as reported by the mill’s management.

The Chinese company uses technology developed in Pernambuco, Brazil, in the San Buenaventura unit, known as Easba. In the project the equipment installed is patented by the company Gasil – Gases and Equipment Silton, from Pernambuco, which enables the substitution of sulfur by ozone in the sugar bleaching process.

The Bolivian mill is able to process 7000 tons of sugarcane per day.


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