MWh price made of sugarcane falls 10,4%

The ceiling of the Difference Settlement Price (PLD), an indicator used to sell electricity on the spot market, fell 10,4%.

It reveals that the price of the Chamber of Electric Energy Commercialization (CCEE) on the value of valid PLD between Saturday (05) to Friday (11).

According the CCEE until 11/09 the ceiling of the PLD is average R$ 250,06 in the Southeast / Midwest region, which concentrates most of the country’s mills in cogeneration from biomass in sugarcane mills.

The previous week (29/08 to 04/09), the ceiling of the PLD was R$ 279,01, that means 10,4% above the current value.

The definition of the LDP’s value reflects the water storage conditions in the hydroelectric reservoirs, which form the main source of the country’s electricity generation, and also the power consumption.


In technical terms, the CCEE said that the PLD is calculated on ex-ante basis (considering information provided availability and load) for the weeks that start on Saturday and end on Friday, and may contain days of two adjacent months.

Prices will be used for settlement of all energy not under contract among agents.

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