More than 80% of Trump voters support ethanol, survey finds

A new US post-election survey shows that decisive voters in the 2016 presidential election are staunch supporters of American ethanol, Growth Energy says.

The survey of 3,000 Trump voters in the Midwestern battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, and Minnesota found that more than eight in 10 respondents agree with the President-elect’s support for ethanol and believe it is vital to American jobs and energy security.

“Conservatives and liberals alike need to take a fresh look at Trump voters in the Midwest – they are staunchly pro-ethanol,” said Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy, a US ethanol trade association.

“These are voters who clearly understand that biofuels like ethanol are delivering greater US energy security, more jobs, cleaner air, and better fuel options for consumers. The road to victory is powered by clean-burning, homegrown biofuels,” she added.

‘Overwhelming’ support

According to the poll, 83% of Midwestern Trump voters agreed with the President-elect’s campaign promise to promote the addition of more homegrown ethanol in America’s fuel supply.

The survey also indicated the respondents’ support for the fuel based on its importance to energy security and jobs.

A total of 85% said ethanol was important to US energy security and 88% thought ethanol was important to creating American jobs.

“Support for biofuels is something that resonates across party lines, especially in America’s heartland, and President-elect Trump tapped into that. Lawmakers can see what happens when you underestimate rural and Midwestern voters,” said Skor.

The survey with an overall margin of error of ±1.8% was conducted by Quadrant Strategies between 6-22 December among 3,000 Trump voters, with a sample size of 500 in each state


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