Moderfrota interest rate will be known in May

The Agricultural and Livestock Plan 2015/2016 will be launched by President Dilma Rousseff on May 19. The information is from Minister Katia Abreu (Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) and is also more than expected by the sugarcane industry.

This is because the Agricultural Plan also provides the financial volume that the federal government will invest in agriculture, which includes funding programs like Moderfrota, much used by the sugarcane industry to renew and invest in property and equipment.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, the next crop interest rates will follow the inflation forecast this year.

On the last April 20, the Focus bulletin, published weekly by the Central Bank provides that the official inflation rate, as measured by the Extended National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) should end the year at 8.23%.

“Increasing interest is important and it is natural, because if we evaluate the past year, inflation made 6.5% and the highest interest rate was also 6.5%. Interest rates vary according to inflation in the history of the years. The Harvest Plan will follow the same course, and the rates will be almost neutral, as they were last year”, he said.

“Fiscal adjustment cannot be synonymous with immobility, is not being framed in all government programs. There are government programs that are working. The Harvest Plan is one of the points that the government excludes from adjustment”, said.

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