Mills Furlan and Raízen are attackers’ victims

The Civil Police of Santa Barbara D’Oeste (SP), in Campinas, is expected to release on Wednesday (27/05) new information about investigations related to two robberies committed with the employees Mill Furlan and unity Bom Retiro, Raízen, both located in São Paulo city.

The two cases occurred between the night of Monday (25) and the early hours of Tuesday (26) and are considered daring.

According to police, heavily armed gang broke into the first Mill Furlan, around 20h on Monday, and took hostage two firefighters and two helpers.

According to the newspapers Todo dia, from Americana, and Correio Popular, from Campinas, the gang stole the water truck of Furlan, put the workers in the vehicle and forced them to take the truck to the unity of Raízen, located 11 km away.

In this second mill, the bandits surrendered 30 employees who worked in planting sugarcane. All workers were put on a bus and taken to the Sugar Highway.

On the way, the bandits, who were hooded, surrendered more five employees of another company who worked with cane and put them on the bus.

On the track

At one point, as reported by the newspapers, the bandits crossed the bus on the runway, forcing the truck stop and passenger cars.

The trio then began to make a real tug between the stationary vehicles. The bandits stole everything: wallets, cell phones, personal belongings and even the car of one of the victims.

They made six of the hostages to address the drivers. In total, more than 20 people were assaulted.

For the newspaper Todo Dia, Raízen confirmed that about 30 employees were stolen, but no one was hurt.

The advisory company also said it is investigating details of the case and contributing to the investigations of Civil Police, but will not give details to not harm the progress of the investigations.

The JornalCana ​​portal has contacted the advisory of Raízen and the Furlan and will give more information as it receives feedback from companies.

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