Mill will be auctioned in the initial bid of R$ 25 mi

The assets were valued at R$ 56,9 million. The amount includes improvements, equipment, machinery, buildings and land ownership of 1.271 hectares. The starting bid is R$ 25 million.

Who is going to auction are the Usina Planalto and the farm Manchúria, located in Ibiá (MG). Both belong to the Usina de Açúcar e Álcool Carolo, based in Pontal (SP), which is in judicial recovery process.

The auction is scheduled from the day 24/06 and the value of starting bid amounts to less than half, valuation of assets.

Details about Usina Planalto: Production structure comprising series of grinds, distilleries and boilers for the production of ethanol.

According to the company, the nominal capacity of the equipment is producing 300 m³/day of fuel, storage of 15 million liters.

The farm Manchúria has 1.271 hectares, has headquarters, warehouse machines, electricity, airstrip, two dams, 100 hectares of eucalyptus cultivation and 600 hectares of sugarcane cultivation. The land is also being worked on for decades with different cultures, such as coffee, potatoes, soybeans and corn.

The sale of Carolo properties was determined by the Judge of the 1st Civil Court of Pontal County, Carolina Nunes Vieira.

The purchaser is exempt from any prior liens of properties, including tax, derived from labor legislation and those arising from work accident.

The first online trading begins at 9 a.m., the day 24/06 and will continue until 14h of the day 26/06. If not occur offerings, the second square will be opened immediately after the end of the first, without interruption or change in values, with closing on 17/07 at 14h.

Carolo phone in Pontal: 55 (16) 3953-9300.

The Usina Carolo filed for judicial recovery in January, 2014. In October, the judicial reorganization plan was approved by a majority of creditors and, with the consent of the Public Ministery, it was endorsed by the judiciary. The Usina Planalto arrived, in their best phase, producing 3,5 thousand tons/day and generates 500 direct jobs.

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