Mexico sugar output reached 5.48 million tons.


In the analysis of the harvest in Mexico, the figures accumulated 32 weeks of the current sugar cycle  to May 7, 2016, cumulative production of sugar is 5 million 485 thousand 469 tons.

According to the official report, cane harvested area is 671 000 553 hectares and the volume of accumulated industrial raw cane ground is 48 million 858 thousand 3 tons.

By qualities of sugar, the production of standard sugar is 3 million 475 thousand 304 tons of refined is one million 645 thousand 724 tons of special target is 247 000 953 tonnes and muscovado is 116 000 487 tons.

In this season, the mills Eldorado, El Refugio, El Modelo, Pujiltic, Central Motzorongo and La Gloria have finished crushing.


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