Mexico: Increase of sugar cane production

Sugar cane production in region of Ingenio “EmilianoZapata” Zacatepec, rose 30 thousand tonnes , which means there will be 1.2 million tons which will be harvested, said AristeoRodriguez Barrera, general secretary of Local Union of Sugar Cane Growers.

Interviewed on the matter, he said: “we have 680 000 tonnes of cane harvested already, we are talking about more than 6 000 hectares is out of the fields and already in the factory, many of them already produced sugar, we a have a very good Karbe, there is an estimated extra of 30 000 tonnes and we are talking about 1 million e 200 thousand tons of cane to grind in the 2011-2012 harvest. “

Thus, said this brought a favorable result that raised the tonnage of cane, but instead of ending on May 15 will be moved to April 26 to the harvest.

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