Mexico: Good harvest 2010-2011

Mexico: Good harvest 2010-2011

The 2010-2011 sugar harvest was completed on June 29th this year with production of 5.2 million tons of sugar, , 7.4% higher compared to the previous harvest.This result ensures the supply of sugar for domestic consumption and opens the possibility of exporting up to 1.1 million tons.

The increase in sugar production of the harvest just ended was due to higher harvested cane area, same as that produced a higher tonnage of cane that got industrialized and which yielded a better performance from the factory, but is important to consider that the average yield of cane is the second lowest in the last 10 harvests.

This situation is partly due to weather, since 60% of the total cane area in Mexico is carried out under rainfed conditions.In particular, Hurricane Karl, which affected the sugar cane fields of Veracruz, frost-February 2011, which hurt fields cane in Jalisco, and the drought that was experienced nationally during the first half of 2011.

Additionally, we should note a significant improvement in the efficiency of the industrial mills. At about 10 years ago, on average, is used 11.37 gallons of oil per ton of reed processed.In the current harvest, only 2.32 liters were used, but perhaps most importantly 18 mills and did not use oil in this cycle, a situation that benefits the environment.

The harvest results are very useful for manufacturers and producers because they allow the design of new investment strategies to appropriate new technologies in order to improve their production processes with a view to advancing the competitiveness of sugarcane production and sugar.Producers will invest in irrigation, agricultural machinery and efficient use of industrial inputs and machinery and equipment to modernize their factories.

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