Mexican plant wants to expand its capacity to produce energy


Mexican sugar mill Puga, located in the state of  Nayarit, wants to expand its bio-energy installations.

The intention is to more than double the capacity from 1 MW to 3 MW, according to the manager of the refinery, Luis Alejandro Amador Gallegos.

Until the 70’s the plant was considered a small industry with a production of 35 thousand tons of sugar and crushing of 400 thousand tons of sugarcane per harvest.

The plant is one of the oldest in the country, having started its activities in 1620.

In the last 10 years there have been significant efforts to expand production and business efficiency with high-scale investments and technological innovations that allowed the production of the plant to increase.

According to Gallegos, the focus of the visit to Brazil was to check closely the options for the new cogeneration plant project.

“In Mexico, cogeneration is not yet widespread in plants because there is much bureaucracy and many requirements for its implementation. If there were encouraging programmes from the governments, we would be doing this much more, “he said.

The main focus of Puga plant is the production of sugar. The plant annually produces 198,000 tons of sugar per year and has a grinding 1.7 million tons of sugarcane per harvest. 30% of the sugar production is exported.

According to Gallegos, ethanol production is not yet part of the company’s plans because of the lack of a guaranteed price by the government. “You can not plan it that way,” he said.

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