Mexican government considering selling some of their mills by 2012

The Mexican government intends to sell one of their 11 sugar mills, according to the Minister of Agriculture, Francisco Mayorga. The government also wants to sell a group of nine factories by the end of 2012, responsible for roughly 24% of Mexico’s sugar production. “We have already started the process for the auction of the La Joya sugar mill,” said Mayorga. The La Joya factory is located in the state of Campeche.

The government took over 27 of the 57 mills in operation in Mexico in 2001, after discussions with the producers, most of whom were in debt, came to a standstill. Sixth largest sugar producer in the world, México will probably import 600 thousand tons of sugar this year. Imports increased in 2009 after crops were affected first by the worst drought in almost 70 years and then by heavy rains in the beginning of this year’s harvest.

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