Mechanical sugarcane harvesting advances

According to estimates, mechanical harvesting accounts for almost 60% of all cane cultivated in the Central-South Region of Brazil. In pioneer areas of the Central Region, where greenfield projects have been implemented in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás, harvesting is 100% mechanical.

This trend is beginning to be felt in the area of cane planting, boosted by the development of new cultivation techniques that allow complete mechanization of the process, such as Syngenta’s “Plene(TM)” sprouts and the use of implements that are increasingly independent of human labor.

Carlos Newton Graminha, Strategic Account Manager for John Deere, predicts: “Planting operations, which represent 6% of all cultivated lands in the 2011/12 harvest, will reach 90% in 2020/21; in other words, ten years from now. Crop lands will also be completely georeferenced.

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