Mauritius – 2016 sugar output increases to 386,00 tonnes

he 2016 sugar output in Mauritius was produced 385,757 tonnes of sugar at the end of the 29-week campaign, according to Jacqueline Sauzier, Secretary General of the Chamber of Agriculture, quoted in the local press.

While the production is lower than the estimated 390,000 tonnes by the Crop Estimate Coordinating Committee, it is nevertheless higher than 366 070 tonnes produced in 2015.

This year’s campaign is likely to be impacted by weather once again. Rainfall remains below the seasonal average. In December, rainfall was 35% lower than the seasonal average and this trend continues through to January.

Mauritius – Sugar production per factory in 2016

Factory Sugar production Crushed canes    Extraction rate
Alteo 134,288 tonnes 1,387,992 tonnes 9.68%
Omnicane 117,401 tonnes 1,163 482 tonnes 10.09%
Terra 96,154 tonnes 876723 tonnes 10.97%
Medina 37,910 tonnes 367,632 tonnes 10.31%
Total 385,753 tonnes 3,795,829 tonnes
Source: Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture

“With the summer rains still awaited, it is too early to decide at this stage whether 5% or 10% or 20% of production will be affected. It is still five to six months before the harvest begins in the first cane fields. Moreover, we sent a questionnaire to our members in order to have a better indication,” says Sauzier. “The cane is in a crucial period of its growth.”

In addition to the sugar estates, there are some 20,000 small growers in Mauritius, engaged in the cultivation of cane on about 17,000 hectares.

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