Liquor company promotes cultivation of sustainable sugarcane

bacardi__ss_by_rdmrcnThe largest private factory of alcoholic beverages in the world, Bacardi, has partnered with one of the largest nature conservation organizations, the WWF -South Pacific World Wide Fund for Nature, to improve agricultural practices and operations of plantations of sugarcane in model farms in the northern region of Fiji, according to the Fiji Times newspaper.
The Global Sustainability Director for Bacardi, Dave Howson said the key ingredient to their winning Bacardi rum is molasses, a byproduct of cane.
Howson said that the company has worked with WWF South Pacific, with the goal of using what they call “green sugarin their products, produced by sustainable agricultural practices.
Sustainable agricultural practices, in turn, help to reduce the degradation of coral reefs based on improving the quality of water going into the soil, in addition, seek to improve the lives of farmers and communities involved with plantinghe said.
Bacardi, famous for its rum and other spirits, is leading the industry, pledging to have 100% of products derived from cane sugar through agricultural practices that do not harm the environment by 2022.

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