LDC will grind 32.4 million tons of sugarcane

LDC forecasts grinding of 32.4 million tons of sugarcane

The LDC_SEV Group, association between the LDC Bioenergy, belonging to Louis Dreyfus Commodities, and Santelisa Vale, will grind this harvest 32.4 million tons of sugarcane, producing 1.2 million tons of sugar and 2,2 million cubic meters of ethanol. The units in this group will prioritize the processing cycle of ethanol production with more than 1 million cubic meters compared to the volume produced in 2010, which was 1.2 million cubic meters of ethanol.

The Group milled in the 2010/2011 season, approximately 2 million tons more cane, totaling 34.1 million tons of sugarcane and 2.2 million tons of sugar. Information is from the study of Cana Yearbook (Anuario da Cana), produced by ProCana Brazil and recently launched at the Ethanol Summit in Sao Paulo.

With 13 units located in the main producing regions of Brazil, the LDC-SEV says it is prepared to deliver value to shareholders, following its strategy of sustainable growth and expansion of its assets.

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