Jamaica Invests in Traditional Crops

Jamaica wants to expand its traditional sugar cane, banana, coffeee, cocoa and citric fruits crops, in deals Agriculture and Fishing Minister Roger Clarke announced.

In his view production of saccharin has a great potential: The Cane Expansion Fund relies now on $658M and the government will add at least $1.7bn, while the gramineae planters are being invited at a livestock and food fair to request planting loans set at 5 per cent preferential interest rate to pay back in five years.

With the sugar cane industry privatization and the mills improvement today´s challenge, noted Clarke, is expanding production seeking proficiency and create jobs with $96M investment in an agro-industrial park at Ettingdon, says government Minister.

Glendon Harris, president of Jamaica´s Agriculture Society, said there is urgent need for every Jamaican to rate agriculture a priority within national non-stop development, for it is key for economic stability. It hosts today 220,000 jobs for the Caribbean Island work force.

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