ISMA releases cane crushing number for this season

So far 50 sugar mills across India have already closed their crushing operations for the sugar season 2012-13, as at the end of Feb, 2013, compared to only 21 last year, according to a India’s Sugar Mills Association ( ISMA).

A total of 452 mills have crushed about 190 million tons of sugarcane, to produce 18,8 million tons of sugar. This is 60 thousand tons less than last year, despite almost similar sugarcane crush in both years.

The country has produced 165.9 lakh tonnes of sugar until 15th February. This is about 2.70% more than last year same period, ISMA data showed.

The association has revised its sugar production estimate for 2012-13., from 24,3 to 24,6 million tons.

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