Iowa wants to increase the ethanol use


The Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Iowa State, the Department of Transportation, Iowa State University, and the Council of Renewable Fuels Infrastructure State announced yesterday, October 14, a program to support the sale of biofuels in stations of the American state.

Gov. Terry Branstad told the press that they will use about $ 250,000 in funds from the federal government to reinforce the role of the State of Iowa as a leader in the production and renewable fuel use in the United States.

The program is designed to help boost sales of E- 30 , 30% concentration of ethanol in gas, which can only be used in flex-fuel cars , which equates to about 10 % of all vehicles used in the US , also installing more pumps with ethanol blend in gasoline and biodiesel in all stations of the state.

Iowa State of the ethanol

Iowa currently has 41 ethanol plants capable of producing over 3.7 billion gallons per year , and other four units are under construction . In addition , Iowa has 12 plants producing 315 million liters of biodiesel per year .

The state has also seasonal programs for free distribution of fuels with high ethanol concentration . The University of Iowa will measure consumer acceptance and impact caused by increasing access to options for fuel mixture , and to evaluate the air quality due to the use of ” green fuels ” .

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