Indonesia says no to sugar importation until 2015

Muhammad Lutfti

In Indonesia, the government will not issue additional licenses for import of white sugar, 2015, as the domestic supply was considered sufficient to fulfill local demand, according to the newspaper “Jakarta Post” in Indonesia.

The Commerce Minister Muhammad Lutfi said, over the weekend, that after assessing the situation, authorities realized that there was no need of Bulog-State Logistics Agency, do the importation.

Aside from white sugar, no licenses to import raw sugar, which would be processed by refineries in Indonesia will be issued.

The import quota for raw sugar was fixed at 2.9 million tonnes, a decrease of 5% compared to last year. The reduction was the result of irregularities in the sector, which allowed raw sugar was sold in the domestic market, where, according to the law of the land can only be used for industrial purposes.

Experts have warned that the importation would not actually be needed this year. With ending stocks by 1.2 million tonnes, starting from December last year, the amount by which it is known, was the largest in over a decade, and the annual production will probably reach 2.6 million tons, consumption is now estimated at 2.4 million tonnes.

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