India and Thailand are theme of pannel

The Secretary of the Department of Food and Distribution of India, Dr BC Gupta and Thailand´s Secretary of General of Office of the Sugar and Cane Board, Dr Prasert Tapaneeyangkul, talked about the outlook and perspectives of sugar and ethanol sector in their countries during the 11th International Datagro Conference, held in Sao Paulo today.

According to Mr Gupta, India has plans to use sugar beet and improve its ethanol production and cogeneration of electricity. ” We are doing our best to maintain a steady production”, he said.

Mr Tapaneeyangkul talked about the impact that recent floods in Thailand had in their sugar cane crops, around 3,200 hectares were damaged, affecting 200,00 tons of cane. According to him, the impact was small, taking into consideration that they were the worse floods in the country´s history. He also explained how the sugar cane crops are mostly grown by small farmers . ” in Thailand, we produce sugar in the fields and not in the mills”, he said.

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