How is going the Usina São Martinho’s harvest?

How is the 2015/16 crop of the Grupo São Martinho, one of the largest producers of sugar and ethanol in Brazil?

Headquartered in Pradópolis (SP) and with four units in operation: São Martinho, in Pradópolis; Iracema, in Iracemápolis; Santa Cruz, in Américo Brasiliense – the three in São Paulo – and Boa Vista in Quirinopolis (GO) which is a joint venture with Petrobras Biofuels (PBio), the Group reports first results of the current crop.

Disclosure is for the first quarter of the crop 15/16, corresponding to the months of April, May and June, and will be made public by the company on August, 10, after the market closes.

Already the conference call in Portuguese, with simultaneous translation in English, is scheduled for the day 11/08 at 14h (GMT).

The expectation is intense among agents of the sugarcane industry, because São Martinho is huge, with an approximate grinding capacity of 22 million tons of sugarcane and the participation of PBio in the joint venture generates expectation because Petrobras, as investigated, is looking for ways to expand the cash and turn off partnerships like the one with São Martinho is a recurring theme.

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Besides the four sugarcane units, São Martinho has a unit producing a ribonucleic acid, the Omtek, also located in Iracemápolis (SP).

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