How Elizabeth Farina sets the Ethanol Summit

The 5th edition of the Ethanol Summit is scheduled for the days 6 and 7 of July at the state capital. This time, however, the event will take place amid the uncertainties of the government’s economic policy and the sugarcane industry.

Check out how Elizabeth Farina, president of the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (Unica), which conducts the event, evaluates the strategic importance of the Ethanol Summit in this interview for JornalCana ​​portal.

What is your evaluation of the Ethanol Summit?

Elizabeth Farina – The Ethanol Summit is a replenishing of ideas. It is a time when you reflect along with the sugarcane chain about the opportunities and discussions about solutions. Be private solutions, be solutions linked to public policies, such as taking the government to establish an institutional environment, a set of operating rules that facilitate the survival and recovery of the sugarcane industry.

This year, it reaches the fifth edition, the event will also be held in a Brazil surrounded by economic turmoil that also affects the sugarcane industry, which is already affected by economic policies several years ago. What is the importance of the event on this scenario?

Elizabeth – This year, the Ethanol Summit has a great challenge that is to see this difficult time, from the point of view of the economy in general, and political issue in particular that makes public policy walk or stop walking. The political issue is important to speed up or jam the process of public policy decision making, and that for our sector is very important. So Ethanol Summit this year is time to reflect on our ability to turn the tide.

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