Guatemalan Sugar Crop to Grow 5% in 2013

Guatemalan sugar producers expect to produce 57 million quintals from the harvest which ends this May, which is 5% more than in the 2011-12 harvest.

According to Armando Boesche, CEO of the Sugar Association ofGuatemala (Asazgua), the production of the 12 sugar mills operating in Guatemala will increase by three million quintals.

“The weather conditions last year (2011-2012) compared to this year (2012-2013) were similar and conducive to the cultivation of sugarcane. This allowed better yields in field and factory,” he added.

Pedro Cofiño, general manager marketing of Popular Consumer Items (ARCOP), which distributes to industries and the domestic sector, reported that prices have remained stable in the local market.”In 2012 there was a decrease of 14% and for the remainder of the year we dont envisage any consumer adjustments in the domestic line,” he said.

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