Guatemala is internationalizing sugarcane industry

Kakira Sugar Works near Jinja.

The country currently has twelve units producing sugar and ethanol is being produced in just five plants . Estimates of Asazgua – Asociación de azucareros Guatemala , indicate that 70 % of sugar production in Guatemala is for export , and the remaining 30 % are distributed to local consumption . Regarding ethanol production last year , about 200 million liters were produced, with income of 150 million dollars to the economy . Most of the ethanol and sugar are used to supply the domestic market , a small portion is exported every year. It was not announced any new production Plant of sugar or ethanol, in recent years in the country, however for Flavio Castelar, executive director of Apla –  Productive Local Alcohol Arrangement, Guatemala, as well as some countries in Latin America, are taking advantage of the good period in the sugarcane industry, to buy Plants outside their territories. “Some sugar groups in Guatemala are internationalising their operations and buying Plants in Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Nicaragua and even in Brazil. One example is the Gloria Group which has three plants in Peru, one in Ecuador and one in Argentina, and Pantaleon which also operates in Guatemala and some countries in Central America, also bought a plant in Mexico, in the region of Vera Cruz “he says.

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