Group of foreigners visit sugar and ethanol plants and supply companies in Brazil


One hundred and twenty five foreigners froma the five continents were in Brazil last week , from 28 to 29 of July, to visit several supplying companies in the sugarcane industry in cities like Piracicaba, Sertaozinho, Sorocaba, Serrana and Matão, all in the center south, main producing region of sugarcane in the country. The action was organized by Apla (Local Productive Arrangement Alcohol) with the support from Apex-Brazil (Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion and) who coordinated the Post-Congress ISSCT 2013 (International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists).

The activity consisted in taking the foreign congressmen to visit the companies that supply technology to the sugarcane industry, participants of the Brazil Sugarcane Bioenergy Solution. They could know the operation of mechanized harvesters and the logistics of sugar cane mills in Brazil.

According to the executive director of Apla, Flavio Castelar, the activity was important to show how is the Brazilian industry, “Our sugarcane industry is recognized worldwide for its quality and production capacity. Here, we demonstrate the technology which is state of the art, “said Castelar.

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