Gov’t of Philippines could export additional 60,000-T sugar to US

MANILA, Philippines – The country could export an additional 60,000 tons of sugar to the United States this year, on top of the approved export quota allocation of 136,201 tons, given ample local supply, the local industry regulator’s chief said on Wednesday.

On Monday, the US Agriculture Department announced it was reassigning 294,835 tons originally allocated to domestic producers to countries exporting sugar to the country, with top sugar producer

Brazil and the Philippines to be allowed to export more to the United States to counter a shortage caused by a hard freeze which hit the cane crop in Florida.

The Philippines will also not import sugar this year, Regina Bautista-Martin, chief of the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA), told Reuters in a phone interview.

She added that the SRA may raise its sugar output estimate for crop year 2010 to 2011, which runs from September to August, from 1.965 million tons because of abundant stocks and improved production.

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