Governors promise advances by ethanol

The tax differences in favor of ethanol are among the promises of governors Marcone Perillo (Goiás), Beto Richa (Paraná) and Geraldo Alckmin (São Paulo) for sugarcane industry. The three participated in round of discussions at the Ethanol Summit on Tuesday (07/07), second and last day of the event held in São Paulo.

“Predictability and planning will attract investments for the sugarcane industry, but it is up to the federal government to know what is the role of ethanol in the fuel matrix, which is the participation of bioelectricity in the energy matrix”, Alckmin said.

“In São Paulo, due to the drop  of investments, what we do, through the Agronomy Institute (IAC), of the state government, is to provide pre-sprouted seedlings, thinking of productivity gains”, exemplified.

Richa, of Paraná, announced the signing, made it official on Monday (06), decree that “help the industry to increase productivity by reducing ICMS in the production of bioelectricity made of straw and bagasse from sugarcane , generating 600 megawatts (MW).

Perilo recalled that the letter delivered to President Dilma Rousseff in which, among other claims, there is the request mixture of 29% of hydrous ethanol in gasoline. Since the beginning of the year, this mixture passed then from 25% to 27%.

According Alckmin, the State of São Paulo can now be called California, with the use of renewable energy. “Fifty-five percent of the use of energy in the state is renewable and ethanol, which we are flex fuel champions, we have to strengthen it”, he said.

Alckmin took the opportunity to criticize the practice of fiscal adjustment by the federal government. “With Selic high and lack of growth, it is shot in the foot”, he said. “With growth, the country grows, but with negative PIB we will not go anywhere.”

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