Global production capacity of cellulosic ethanol is expected to reach 15 million gallons



Global production capacity of cellulosic ethanol is estimated at about 15 million gallons in 2012 and 250 million gallons in 2014. This volume is part of a recent study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, which shows a potential for the advanced biofuels industry for creating millions of jobs, economic growth and energy security worldwide.

Only in the United States, the study demonstrates that the use of less than 20% of available agricultural waste could produce more than 18 billion gallons of ethanol per year, replacing 16% of its gasoline consumption by 2030. According to research, it would create 1.4 million jobs and reduce CO2 emissions from the use of gasoline in transportation by 11%.

The Renewable Fuel Standard (Renewable Fuel Standard), a legislative mandate for the use of renewable fuels in the United States, aims to generate 16 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol by 2022.

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