French have increasingly chosen electric cars

Sales of electric vehicles in France had greatly increased in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the same period last year , according to data from the CCFA – Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers announced in July this year.

An estimated 3,523 vehicle sales were have been made in the first three months of 2013 against 728 in the same period in 2012 , thanks to the launch of Renault’s new electric car ” Zoe “, representing all 1090 models sold.

According to the communications director for the CCFA , François Roudier , Zoe is the first 100 % electric city car . It costs 13,700 euros , the same price of the Renault Clio , if purchased with a government grant of 7000 euros , trying to encourage the purchase this kind of car in the country .

With all the benefits , the planet environment and the pocket’s, the adoption of electric model still has some problems to the consumer , such as the lack of charging stations for vehicles. Also it would be a problem supply an entire fleet of cars in an entire country , considering that about 63 % of the electricity used in France comes from nuclear power .

According to the Founder of the Division of Industrial Electric Vehicles European, Laurent Lasselin , ” green fuels ” active supporter , it would take about 10 more nuclear plants to feed the current French fleet , but it still worth it.


” Even with all the difficulties , we must end the dependence we have on fossil fuels as soon as possible . To achieve this , we have to change our relationship with energy . Consume less and think about the impact of our habits on the environment. Ideally would be, if we could produce more and more sustainable and renewable energies, so we can have options, “he said.

In the opinion of the CCFA François Roudier ethanol has been a less radical option for the French who care about the environment . In the country it is used in combination with 10 % gasoline and conventional diesel , and this is the best use of biofuel in Europe , since the fuel 100 % vegetable did not work in the French market .

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