French group signs agreement with Brazilian plant


Albioma, producer of energy controlled by French group that has among its partners Séchilienne, a subsidiary of Air Liquide, has just officialised  its expansion of co-generated electricity production by biomass from sugarcane in Brazil.

The company of French origin, which is already a partner of the sugar and ethanol group Jalles Machado in the  thermoelectric unit (UTE) Albioma Codora Energia S.A. now has formalized a cooperation agreement with the sugar and ethanol group Paraná Valley.

With the agreement, Albioma focuses on the development of a new cogeneration project in the state of São Paulo. With annual crushing capacity of 2 million tons of sugarcane, Paraná Valley Distillery is a subsidiary of the sugar and ethanol group Pantaleon, the main producer of Central America (crushing capacity of 13 million tons of sugarcane) based in Guatemala, and Manuelita, a leading diversified companies in the agribusiness, based in Colombia (crushing capacity of 4.5 million tons of sugarcane in Colombia and Peru).

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