French company produces 2G ethanol with higher performance


In France, DEINOVE announced that it has produced 2G ethanol with an exceptional performance level in a 300-liter fermenter. The biotech company is developing innovative processes for producing biofuels and bio-based chemicals from non-food biomass with its Deinococcus bacteria.

Fermenteur300LThe trials were conducted at VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), DEINOVE’s long-term partner, which has the necessary infrastructure to implement and evaluate this type of pilot operation. The raw material used is a mixture of glucose (a six-carbon atoms sugar, C6) and xylose (C5), the main components obtained by the hydrolysis of non-food biomass used in the production of 2G biofuels.

“This is a great step towards industrialization of the process and this result confirms that the Deinococcus platform is suitable for commercialization. On the eve of COP21, a French biotech demonstrates that 2G ethanol can truly and efficiently fight against climate change” said Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of DEINOVE

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