FOLicht meeting discusses increase in sugarcane production and the international scenario


The 8th edition of the traditional meeting Sugar & Ethanol Brazil, organized by FOLicht and IBC Brazil will take place on 26th, 27th and 28th of March in Sao Paulo. Considered to be the meeting point of the Brazilian sugarcane industry experts and agents around the world, the event comes at a time of great change in the international arena, as the possible opening of the North American market, and stir in the industry, seeking to grow rapidly to increase domestic production of sugarcane .

Opening the conference the experts of the German consulting FOLicht trace the global landscape for the production and marketing of sugar and ethanol. Following the president of UNICA, Marcos Jank, talks about the projections for the Brazilian sugar and ethanol in the 2012 season. Brazilian executives and several countries will also be present to discuss the global and national scenario.

Another highlight of the conference Sugar & Ethanol Brazil is the Workshop on ethanol production, which brings together researchers and industry executives to discuss the latest advances in research and the new generations of production.

The event has the support of UNICA and JornalCana.The information on the site are www.informagroup.com.br / ethanol and the call center, phone 11-3017-6808.

8th edition of the FO Licht Sugar & Ethanol Brazil

Date: 26, 27 and 28 of March, 2012.

Location: Renaissance Hotel, Alameda Santos 2233, Sao Paulo, SP

Organization: FOLicht , IBC, Informa Group companies

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