Five questions for Gustavo Nogueira

Gustavo Nogueira, manager of the Technical Department of Sugar Cane Growers Association of Western São Paulo State (Canaoeste), answers to five questions JornalCana ​​portal.

Gustavo NogueiraThe harvest 2015/16 will result in greater gains in agricultural productivity, compared to 14/15?

I believe so. The rains last February and March were great, and it has been raining in several sugarcane areas even this April. I believe we will reach up to 80 tons of cane per hectare (TCH) in São Paulo sugarcane areas. In previous crop stayed in average 73 tons of sugarcane per hectare.

So will we have more industrial productivity too?

Depend on the ATR gain of sugarcane which is now grinding. Plants that started grinding in February and March, with the rains, had losses. And we also have a large presence of old cane in the harvest 15/16.

What do you mean?

Is that the cane has already passed the sixth cut and, for lack of financial resources, stayed without adequate treatment.

What’s your renewal percentage forecast of sugarcane this year? Will it rise relative to average 12% from last year?

Yes. I believe that the renewal should reach 16%.

The new sugar cane will be year or year and a half?       

I believe more in year and a half cane. The winter cane, grown last year was severely affected by drought.

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