Experts discuss sugarcane genetic improvement

Brazil- The International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT) and the Society of Technical Sugar and Alcohol in Brazil (STAB), will hold from 15 to 20 of May, the 10th Workshop Germplasm and Breeding, and the 7th Workshop of Molecular Biology in Maceio (AL). With the theme “Breaking the paradigm of plant breeding and biotechnology – a complementary approach to research on sugar cane”, the event aims to bring together different segments of the agribusiness of sugarcane for the discussion of issues.

Also with the participation of researchers, technicians and other professionals from various countries that develop their activities for the sugar and energy sector.

It will be presented and discussed during the event, recent technological advances in the areas of germplasm and molecular biology of sugarcane, with presentation of lectures by experts with considerable experience (with simultaneous translation).

More information: http://www.comuniceventos.com.br/index.php/hotsite/germplasm /


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