Experts call for extension of delivery of CAR

Experts consulted by JornalCana ​​portal are in favor to the extension of the register in the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), which ends next 05 May. The reason is the low adherence to registration, which is also registered with the sugarcane properties in the country.

“The delay is not the fault of farmers, but of bureaucratic requirements, how to prove accurate measurements of areas of properties acquired a long time ago,” says lawyer specializing in the environment that has found problems to complete the register of sugarcane land owners.

While there sugarcane suppliers associations who completed up to 90% of registers of its members, there are entities in which this percentage did not reach 20%, missing only 21 days the deadline.

“Producers had time to prepare, but it is the fault of bureaucracy”, says lawyer connected to an entity of the sugarcane industry. According to him, access to federal government institutions sites, if some need to complete the CAR, is also slow.

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