European legislation limits the production of biofuels


The complex sustainability criteria of European legislation for the production of biofuels limit the expansion of this market in the block. That was the main idea of the panel that discussed the European legislation on biofuels, on June 28, during the Ethanol Summit 2013, held in Sao Paulo. The EU plans to deploy the concept of ILUC to measure the indirect effects of land use in the production of biofuels.

According to this concept, not only the biofuels advance on food crops, as they force these crops to move to new locations, increasing the emission of greenhouse gases.

The models used to perform this calculation are questionable and there is no consensus on the subject. To Géraldine Kutas, senior advisor to the president of Industry Union Cane sugar the risk of ILUC is simply to end the European biofuel market.

According to the CEO of ePure, Robert Vierhout, the criteria are very strict. “The perfect is the enemy of good. While we strive so hard to make biofuels to be perfect, the fossils are still being produced without any requirement of the kind, “said

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