EU – 2016/17 beet campaign indicates sugar output to rise by 1.5 mln tonnes

The 2016/17 sugar beet campaign in European Union is progressing well and a sharp rise in sugar production is expected, reports Reuters.

Analyst F.O. Licht estimate EU sugar output in the current season will be 15.3 million tonnes, up from 13.8 million tonnes last year. This excludes sugar beet used for bioethanol.

“The harvest and production outlook is generally satisfactory but varies greatly between countries partly because there were different trends in plantings. Some countries such as Britain and Spain have reduced beet sowing while the area under cultivation was raised significantly in Poland, the Netherlands and Sweden, and to a smaller degree percentage-wise in top producers France and Germany,” F.O. Licht analyst Stefan Uhlenbrock said.

In France, beet crop is expected to be harvested by end of November. The first results show better than expected yields of 86 t/ha said Alain Jeanroy, head of beet growers group CGB.

Germany’s sugar output will come in at 3.83 million tonnes, up more than 30% from the previous season’s poor crop helped by an increase in sowing, German sugar industry association WVZ estimated.

“We are on schedule and about half way through the harvest with between 40 to 60 percent of beets now harvested depending on the region. I expect the harvest to be finished in January, inside a normal timeframe,” WVZ Chief Executive Guenter Tissen said.

Britain’s sugar beet harvest is progressing well although production should decline after less beet was sown.

“The UK campaign started in early October and is making steady progress with excellent harvesting conditions,” said Colm McKay, agriculture director of UK producer British Sugar.

“We estimate 40% of the crop has been harvested to date and sugar content has continued to rise since the start of the campaign,” he said.

A sharp rise in refined sugar output is expected in Poland with good yields expected, said Rafal Strachota, deputy director of Polish sugar beet growers’ association KZPBC. Poland’s sugar production should rise to about 2 million tonnes from 1.46 million last year, he said.

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