Ethiopia plans to increase sugarcane production in 10% by 2015

In four years, Ethiopia intends to grind more than 3.5 million tons of cane sugar per year, increasing the sugar production and supply of ethanol fuel and reducing dependence on oil, now almost entirely imported, according do Unica data.

The Ministry of Agriculture visited Brazil to get to know the ethanol production chain. “We expect 10% increase in sugarcane production in this period and we came to Brazil to observe a successful model and think about possible cooperation agreements between the two countries,” said the Ethiopian Ambassador in Brazil, Wuletaw Hailemariam, who accompanied the visit of a delegation of his country led by Agriculture Minister Bizualem Moges Bekele, the Costa Pinto mill in Piracicaba (SP), on May 20.

The Ethiopian government has encouraged the diversification of energy sources in the transportation sector, especially after adopting a mixture of 5% ethanol in gasoline in October 2008.

Currently, three processing plants are responsible for sugar cane production of 21 million liters of ethanol and 300,000 tons of sugar per year in the country.

The visit of Minister of Agriculture of Ethiopia was brokered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), linked to the United Nations (UN). The objective of UNDP is to promote economic and social development of poor countries around the world, primarily through sustainable public policies.

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