Ethanol prices start to fall in Brazil

In the last two weeks hydrated ethanol prices began declining in the mills of São Paulo motivated by the commencement of milling of some units. And following the predictions of some industry experts, the prices already show signs of falling. In some locations of the country prices have retreated to $ 0.36, as the Federal District where a gallon of the product was sold to $ 2.84.

In the countryside the variation in the price of a gallon at stations came to $ 0.11 in the interval of 24 hours. On Wednesday (13) some gas stations of Ribeirao Preto were selling the product at $ 2.00 per liter and now the product is found for R $ 1.89 per gallon. Prices in the city came to exceed $ 2.30 per liter at the height of winter.

From the beginning of grinding the entire South-Central region set for next week, the difference between ethanol prices could reach $ 0.30 per gallon, as some experts expected.

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