Ethanol plant installed in Mozambique could reach $ 500 million

An ethanol plant installed in Mozambique to grind 3 million tons per year of sugar cane, considering the steps the agricultural, industrial and construction could reach a budget of $ 500 million. The statement was made by Cleber Guarany, project coordinator at FGV Projects, which is involved in the agreement between Brazil, European Union (EU) and Mozambique, which provides for joint studies on the potential of African countries to produce biofuels and food, official in 25 days February 2011 in Maputo. Work will be performed by technicians from the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and funded by mining company Vale do Rio Doce. The first phase has already started and will be delivered in September this year.

The goal of FGV is to build sustainable models that help the development of the countries located in tropical regions of the planet, the so-called “Tropical Belt.” “This region has excellent conditions for production of biofuels and food and, paradoxically, is the world region with the greatest problem of lack of energy and food,” emphasizes Guarany.

The African country in 2011 to approve a law that requires the blending of ethanol in gasoline and biodiesel in diesel fuel.

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